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About me

Kai Eckhardt - Photo-Artist
I was born in Kiel 1960, in the North
of Germany, where I also learned the job
as a mechanic. Many things had changed
in my live, but never my greatest passion:

taking photos

Actually beginnig with the analog technics, I started 1999
to change to the digital equipment.
Time by time I got the necessary knowledge of the
digital image editing and found out, how
endless the potentials with this technics are. Meanwhile
I'm only working with digital cameras, covering a broad spectrum
of photography. Beside my specialties, the partial coloration
and the erotic & fine nude art photography, it's also for
commercial consumer, as just as nature- and animal-photography.
In 1998 I moved to Nortorf and decided in Fall 2004 to make
my hobby to my job. Since then I'm working as a
professionel Photo-Artist.

Where my studio is?
Now, my studio is where I am and I am,
where my studio just is.

If you have any questions
- or if you would like to work as a model for me -
you can contact me
tel.: 0049-173-9302245